The art of selling your self not your photographs

The art of selling your self not your photographs

A friend of mine was just out of school and had invested huge amount of money in equipment so he needed to go out and get some clients to pay for all of this. He had spent weeks and weeks on research based on some marketing class he took while studying photography.

On top of that he had on his desk a stack of marketing books. 


How to you present your self! Advertising agencies where his main target. After finishing building his portfolio and spending some weeks on making a business card to leave behind, he finally got around to paying the advertising agencies a visit. Painful difficult decision. To cut a long story short he failed miserably. There is no doubt about it that he was very good at all planing and did a good job of the research. On the other hand he was not good at communication and a tad bit shy. This meant that he had to psyche him self up to go on those introductory meetings. He over did it heavely, much like a boxer getting hyped up for a fight, and the result from that was negative reaction.

Believe You have to believe that you are good and you have to deliver the message but you also have to be very careful that you do not come a cross as an arrogant person. This is what happened to my friend and people from those advertising agencies asked me about his attitude. How could he be so arrogant, just out of school, and how was he going to get any job with this attitude. This was a shame as he is a fine photographer and can deliver some quality job based on his technical skills.The problem though is that his people skills are terrible.


man sitting in a sofa staring at the camera


First impression.  Photography from Cenium software developers used in a marketing campaign in USA. In order to do the best for you and your ability to take pictures you have to be able to sell your self. This has to be done in a subtle but confirming way. First impression can be the last impression you give or it can be a start of a long term business relationship. I have seen mediocre photographer do very well on the business side just because they had confidence in them self, truly believed they where the best, and where good at communicating with people. I have even done it my self as I describe here. The drop. /p>


If you have difficulties selling your self you will have to practice like an actor. Even better take some acting class as it can boost your confidence. Then you have to get your friends to be a target and practice on them. You will have to practice in front of the mirror until you know your sales speech so perfectly that no interruption will get you distracted and you will always be able to get back on track. It has to flow naturally and people have to believe in you. If they believe in you they believe in your images. If on the other hand you do not believe in your self the cause is already lost, super images or not.

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749