Coffee any one?

If you ask some one what an artist is the most likely answer wold be :"someone that creates some thing" If we make that into a fact , where do then press photographers, photojournalists and advertising photographers stand.
What is the difference on coffee?
I have very often thought about weather photography tells the truth. I probably will keep on doing so as there is no simple answer. Some body might find it strange that a photographer working mainly in advertising and art making is wondering about the truth in an image, specially documentary and press Photography. The reason is simple. With modern technology the question about images truthfulness started flying once again. Very much so in context of photography post process and art. To me it is not possible two separate these questions from the questions weather Photography is art or industry. If photography is art why is then some Photograph art and other not. Who decides. Is art always fiction? Is photograhpy always non fiction. Mokka, for Icelandic coffee brewery
The market One of he biggest market in photography has up till recently been the market with black and white hand enlarged images. Market calls for rules in order to be able to put a price on a product. The rule can derive from supply and demand. Here Photography has been a bit special in its price structure and it has in fact pressed the artist down. The reason for this is the endless amount of originals that you can make. Or do you want to call it copies as most people do. The so called first print or vintage print have been the most expencive. It comes from that the Photographer created about 5 images in the first run of printng. The originals made later could be done by a printer or an assistant from the photographers instruction.There for they where considered of less value. It could even be printed by him self. I have newer understood why a original printed a year later by the artist him self is less of an original than the first ones. Here the art market made up a rule in effort to protect their investment. The other way of doing things to day is by printing all the images right away in certain edition. Such a price structure is in a way more comprehensible.
Industry or Art The fact that you can mass produce a work means, in many minds, that it then cant be art. There for Photography got the stamp of being an industry or industrial art even. This all comes from a big misunderstanding of the medium and the technical aspects of helped in creating this misunderstanding. It is not possible but for the best of artist to hand print or enlarge in the darkroom a picture after picture to his liking, and all of them Identical. Of course this changed with the introduction of more machines in the photography business. When any one could go out buy a camera and have them printed at a lab, photography in fact became a huge industry. Wit the modern technology of digital cameras and printers, photography is dying as a industry and rising as art form.
What is an artist If you ask some one what an artist is the most likely answer wold be :"someone that creates some thing" If we make that into a fact , where do then press photographers, photojournalists and advertising photographers stand. When a press photographer takes a picture he tries to show to the audience what was happening in front of the camera in as objective way as possible. Th press image has to tell the truth. But what truth does it tell. It tells us that this are is the way things where on that moment. But it is all seen through the lens of a camera with the photographers eyes. The reason for this spot and angel, one should think the photographer selected because he thought it would give the best picture of the circumstances. On top of that he thought of the angel and the layout of the image. He created a moment in time where he could objectively show us what he thought was of most interest visually or most newsworthy. He did not create the chain of events but how we look up on the chain of events he cooked for us to digest. Not far from what Duchamp did when he was working with his ready made art. He did not create the things but he cooked up a method for us to digest and comprehend the things in a different way.
So what is the difference It is not for me to say weather photojournalism is art or not. No more than when I am at work taking images of coffee for an advertising agency. Still it is so that a series of coffee house images i have worked on and is a clear form of document photography is instantly considered art when I show it to people. An advertising image that I made for a coffee brewery and did cost lot of work and was created in the end out of 12 different images is not considered art. There for it is not the act of creating that clarifies what is art. There is some thing or some one else that does so. Why that is, I don''t know, but have to ask what is the difference on coffee.

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749