Free fine art Photography

Old woman begging at the central Square in San Cristobal

Last chance to get your hands on free fineart photography is now. Act quick, act now. 

Stay tuned stay happy

Read this then share this please. 


Do you know of any one that wants a beautiful piece of photograph then let them know about this opportunity. I need to sell 100 pieces of my work before end of the month or this is the end of the photography road for me. In order to do that I have set down the price of my images and from the moment I reach the goal of having sold 100 images I will round up the number in tenths of the images and confine them to be sold in that limit. So in an instance of me selling 22 pieces of  one of my images I will round the edition up to 30 and that will be the end edition of that particular image. 


So why am I doing this. Because I need money fast to save my beaten behind from catastrophe. If I can not reach this goal I will not be able to work on my images and my upcoming books in the nearest future. That is why I need your help chipping in by at least sharing this offer to your friends

So what:

So what you might think. Yeha so what - I loose you don't win. So now is your chance to grab a deal and get a print  for peanuts. Printed and signed by me and me only. There is no guarantee of that happening in the future and certainly not if this project fails. 


Now as it would be plain foolish of me to do this with an image that will only sell in one exemplar or two I will round those up to the limit of the bestseller or minimum of 20. In the case of this not working out at all, the limit will be set by me not bother with doing any more prints ever again except for my self as I will probably go bankrupt any ways by doing this.

Wich images:

Any image in  - The way I see it - series is now up for grabs and sets the path for the future. Order yours now and let others know of this mega deal by sharing this information. This includes images from Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Belize, USA, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Hungary, Netherlands and more

All images are black and white and come in two sizes 12" x 12" and 20" x 20" and are handprinted and signed by me on matt paper. 

The images up for grabs:

The way I see it - Norway

The way I see it - Mexico

The way I see it - Europe

The way I see it - Americas

What if I fail:

That is some thing I do not want to think about because I trust that you are going to help if not by investing in a piece of art your self at least you will let some one that might want to buy know about this deal and help a struggling artist. I am putting my trust in people helping out. 

p.s if you share this and then head over to my facebook page and like it I will if I reach my goal pick out by random 5 of you who have liked my page and give them a copy of my favorite image. 

Offer ends October 1 2013

pps remember to share this with friends and foes alike. 

thank you in advance


IPTC Caption: 
Old woman begging at the central Square in San Cristobal

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749