Killing your babies

When this phrase was first mentioned to me it filled me with horror. Sounded as dreadful then as it sounds now even though I did learn that it had to do with out takes from a shooting or simply being selective of your images and edit vigorously with out any mercy. 

I have during my time as a photographer done that, therefore I do not have in file or stock as many images as few others I know. I tend to throw out as much as I can at any time and then with several years in between I go through my files and throw away things I don’t think live up to my expectations any more. This way I hope that my selection grows stronger as it gets lighter. Less is more

Now that I am turning my head away from photography I will be going through my pile of images once more, not only that I intend to go through my pile of films to and there will be no hostages taken in that cutdown. What I do not like I’m going to throw away.

This may sound cruel but who needs several shelfs of unused images when the world is drowning in pictures and more being added every day. I for one do not need to have those images. I have not looked at most of them for years and if I do not like them why on earth should I keep on keeping them. Sounds like I am holding to them just because you are not supposed to throw them away according to some one that nobody knows who is. 

My artistic vision is in my head and I think I am the only one that can enlarge my images the way I feel they should be. Therefore it sounds wrong to leave behind any thing that is not finished or raw material. It is after all my vision and not somebodies else so why on earth should I leave behind undeveloped images that nobody knows how to develop beside me. I guess I feel a bit like Weston when he at 80 started burning his negatives. Only difference is that i’m only 50 but done (mostly ) with this part of my life now. 

The films are mine and mine only and I can do with them what ever I like and that is what I am going to do in the span of next few months. Im going to cut down my collections to include only images that I like and have withstood time in my opinion. For the digital images it only takes one push of a button to erase, for the negatives and slides its a bit more complexed process. I do not know if I want to go through with it but I feel like I have to.

My guess is that not many color images will survive but a fair good deal of Black and white images might. There will though be several ring perms of negatives and slides hitting the dumpsters. We will se what happens and how good I am at being harsh towards my creations.

Because of this decision I have opened up sale on selection of color images and the sale will be held through out February. From 1 of March I will start chopping away with my memory scissors so if you want to own a piece of me act now and buy your discount copy at the Selected color images gallery or the Beauty of travel gallery. The images might not survive the day after to morrow. Want some of my black and white images? Sorry but I have stopped selling allmost all of them some time ago and not made a decission what I will do with them there might tho be few of them out there for sale. 

IPTC Caption: 
It varies how people cope with fear. One of the places I do not like is the hospital..It is in fact quiet ironic as my wife is a critical care nurse and has been working as such since we met..When our daughter had to be rushed to the hospital one day, one of my first thoughts was to grab the camera. For some Photographers the camera is a good defense mechanism. In some situations I am much more at ease behind the camera than with out it. I feel more in control of the situation. Of course I have had situations where I felt highly uncomfortable taking pictures and that is probably among the reasons why I am not a press Photographer as I started out to be..This time I grabbed the camera with out thinking and while our daughter was being examined by the doctors and we where waiting for the results I wandered around the corridors, snapping away trying to relax..This is the feeling I got from the hospital that day.

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749