Ragnar Axelsson - Last days of the Arctic

Last days of the arctic by Ragnar Axelsson

Last days of the arctic by Ragnar Axelsson

I do not know if you out there have heard about the Icelandic press and documentar photographer Ragnar Axelsson. I think you should because he is one of the finest Photographers of Iceland and generally a good guy. He has been working on documenting the dissapearing culture in the Arctic in Greenland for the past 15 years and finally we can enjoy the result of his work in both book format, lectures and exhibitions. He has lately been in Norway where he had a lecture about his images on Nordic light fotofestival, and now he is opening an exhibition at Perspektivet museum in Tromsø, Norway.

I have for a long time been a fan of him and his images, even before we shared a darkroom for a short period of time just when I came out of school. Seeing how he treats his prints is admirable and a true work of art that not many realy understand. His way of enlarging, toning and then further work on the images (not shure if I can giv up his secret) is a handwork that also is dissapearing and can only be mastered trough a long term practice. My longetime admiration is there fore no wonder as he began taking pictures at the age of 16 and has for a long long time been in the forfront of Icelandic press and documentary photography.

If you have not seen images from this Oscar Barnack awarded Photographer then you better check him out at his webpage RAX.is

His new book Last days of the Arctic can be bought at Amazon but you can also get his last book Faces of the North and his book Hunters of Thule.

If you read Norvegian you can read an interview with Ragnar  at Foto.no

Here is a promo wvideo with some of his images from the Last days of the arctic project:


And you can get his books at Amazon:


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