The art of printing monochrome digital photography part 1

fameli i bunad på telefon

The way I see it Bergen - phone family

I have to admit that the good response I have been getting on my prints at my current exhibition has taken me with some surprise. I am exhibiting The way I see it - Bergen which is shown on kunstveggen in Hraun art and design in Bergen. Hraun is a new gallery concept store that I am actually running my self.

People seem to be surprised that it is actually taken on digital camera and that the prints are digital. I can understand that some one is fooled by the fact that I choose to exhibit the images in square format and they instantly think Rolleiflex or Hasselbald camera. What surprises me more is the surprise over my matt prints being digital and I have had questions regarding that and why they are not glossy or luster. Well well I hate luster and even glossy except on special ocations. Semi matt. with slight gloss like in some of the Innova paper I love

When it comes to the format of the images then that is some thing I have had in mind from the day I started to work on The way I see it in Mexico. This has forced me to create a vision with in the finder and some times out side of the finder as I try to frame the image in the camera to utilize as much of the camera sensor as I can. The images are therefore often just cropped to the sides and I have already taken that into account when taking the picture. Until there comes a handy camera with a sensor that I like as much as in my current Canon camera, I will keep on doing this in the aforementioned manner or as long as I can get my hands on a Canon 1Ds Mk ll. Its and old workhorse and out dated but for my work style it is the perfect one and I know it inside out and can squeeze out of it what there is to be had. NO reason to change to an other system and in fact I do not want it as the new cameras have a totally different “feel” or character  in their sensor, even though I shoot raw all the time.

When it comes to the prints I might not be all that surprised in regards of the paper and final outcome. I am again using old technique but with a little twist of a vodka that has helped along the way. The printer I am using for these images is the old and faithful Epson 2100 and I am using Epson ink but as it is getting harder and harder to get my hands on them I might have to change over to Lyson ink. (updatee!! Lyson ink was bought by Nazdar and it seems like they have discharded it )

The Vodka twist that I mentioned comes from some where on the internet and I do not remember where I got it but I know why. I needed to clean my printer and get it running after sitting on a shelf for two years. This was said to be an impossible project with out changing every nozzle with cost that was more than of a new printer.

Me being a bit stubborn some times decided that this was a project to solve and did some research and found several solutions. One of them was cleaning the head and the printer nozzles with Vodka. So I sett out for the job. Little Vodka for me a lot for the printer. Lot of Vodka for me and a little more for the printer. In this process I ran through two batches of old outdated colors I bought for this experiment and half batch of new ones in the end. After cleaning the heads and reserve tank and every thing I could think of cleaning with Vodka, some earbuds and injecting it with a syringe into the nozzles I finally got a good result. Then I ran some images through it until satisfied. 

Now 6 years later the printer is running better than ever and every two years or so I give it a dash of Vodka to clean it. The result is that I have smoother prints on the printer than I ever had before and I think they are better than what I had in the beginning. This with the combination of good old Archival Matte paper from Epson gives a nice result to black and white images that I like.

Then it is the real art factor. the image conversion and the work I do on it in Lightroom and Photoshop before printing. but that has to wait until in next post. Until then get your hands on some good clean Vodka and no your printer does not like it in soda. 

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Young girl in Bergen taking pictures of here grandfather. Bergen, Norway 17 of May 2013 National holiday parade. On National holiday of Norway there is the custom of dressing up in traditional costumes and join the celebration with a parade through town. Bergen centrum was filled with people watching the parade of different sports clubs and associations as they danced, strolled or drove through the streets of Bergen while the crowd cheered and waived the Norwegian flag.

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749