Turn your dining room chair into a leather camera bag

Leather camera bag made from dining room chair

Leather camera bag made from dining room chair

Have you ever wanted a leather camera bag. Chance is that you are sitting on the solution or that you could fulfill that dream by simply chopping up some furniture in your home,

First a disclosure. Do not try this at home if you have not planed a divorce. Your spouse might disagree fully with this idea and it could be the final thread in the divorce matt that he or she has been weaving to get you and your darn photography interest out of the house.

My wife is used to many strange things from me but still shrugged her shoulders and gave a sigh when I said: Honey I have an Idea. How about turning a dining room chair into a camera bag.

"Are you absolutely sure about that”: se replayed. "Well ok if that is what you want and think you can do”. She was in fact more concerned with weather I could make a bag out of a dining room chair than with the fact that this was a fine leather dining room chair with frame made of solid oak. Maybe because of the fact that it was not our dining room chairs.

Last year I chopped up a sofa and use the leather as cover for my book of poetry called “love is gasoline engine” and as it was dedicated to here she was all the more happy about me ripping the leather from a sofa and cutting it into some book cover pieces.  And the fine card wallet she has now is made up of an old Marlboro leather jacket with some python skin added to it. So she is getting used to seeing me rip things apart to make some thing new.

The chair and sofa came both from the Salvation army thrift store here in Bergen where we are living at the moment. We do not have space for a separate dining room in the small flat and for a while you could not figure it out if this was a flat or a garage while I was chopping up the two chairs that I bought. But it is getting close to being a living room again, despite the fact that I have my leather working tools still there and now one more camera bag to be in the way. good news no I can sell the old bag. The camera bag I did mean and with the money invest in some fine leather to make an other camera bag or filter bag or at least some thing for my photography equipment.

This might not be the most beautiful bag in the world and certainly not the most beautiful bag that I have made but its the most beautiful camera bag I have made up till now. Yes up till now because there will be more. Actually I am turning my life upside down and quitting the photography business for the leather business. Its so much fun chopping up things and stitching them back again. 

If every thing works as planed I will be starting Good Old Company later this month and start producing bags and wallets and things for photographers and men, but first I have to take the travel case my wife wanted to throw out and turn it into a softbox. Yeas you read right. I was supposed to throw an old travel bag. I cut it up and stored it away. Now I am in need for a small softbox and that is what I am going to make. Or should I pimp up my Canon camera with some python skin first!

Until you get some images of that, enjoy some snaps of this process and remember. Get a written statement from your spouse before you start chopping up things or better yet get them from the thrift store. Which ever way you go do make a plan. Don’t hack your neighbors chair neither even if you dont like him. Draw up what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. I did not and it gave me lot of trouble. Leather is like an old Kodachrome film. You better know what you are doing it does not forgive you any mistakes. All you need to start working is this set of leather working tools set and some strong fingers.

Happy chair hunting

Here are some pictures from the process:

Cutting the leather of

Stripped chair. I used the foam to

Chopped up chair. I have already used some of the wood for other things and wil be making stitching pony and other things from the rest

testing how various things fit

front pocket can hold lot of stuff

Using the foam for padding of bag

bag taking shape

there are still some things to do and figure out but this has been a great learning project. Lot of small details I did notthink of when I started this project. But there wil be others and the design process has started. 

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749