Why does the art world hate that Peter Lik is a successful photographer

above the clouds in Cerro Verde national park in El Salvador

If any one wants to buy this images from Cerro Verde national park in El Salvador and make it the world most expencieve photograph i am all game

Once again Peter Lik the master of promotion with in Photography has managed to turn the art world upside down with his latest stunt of selling the worlds most expensive photography to an unknown buyer. The art world should be thrilled with these news but instead we are seeing lot of heat and shit sent in the direction of Mr. Lik Why is this.
In my mind the picture is pretty clear. Just like any cop would say. Follow the money. The main reason why the art world would be against Mr. Lik is because they stand to gain nothing from his success. The self proclaimed art police” or so called Art “consultants"  the one that runs the gallery scene and the auction houses stand to gain nothing at the moment from all the sales that Mr. lik does and in stead of taking advantage of the situation they try to smear him with shit.
When things go out of a 100 year old control the establishment becomes afraid. Not of what is happening but of loosing power, loosing control to others than them selfs. This is apparently what is happening, not only in the case of Mr. Lik but basically with in photography in general. Photography has been for a long time fighting for its life as an art form and it still has trouble except with in special galleries and special crowd, controlled crowd that does not let just any one join the club. Not only did Mr. Lik not try to join the club he basically told the "art police" to go f#$% them self and has increasingly done so by denying knowledge to those that are seen as masters of Photography. With out a doubt a publicity stunt and a successful one. It keeps him on the tung of people interested in photography. 
The snobbish art world is still mainly selling old time photographers that either are dead long time ago or just about to step into the grave. For young photographers today the life is hard and there is no lack of promising photographers these days. In fact you could say that the market is over flooded and by not letting any one in the art market and the auction houses are just protecting their investment and trying to keep the market price up high.
In my opinion this is wrong. The more people that buy photography as art the more it becomes worth. The more people that buy it as art the more people think about photography and get involved in it as art form. The more people get involved the higher the price will be for those doing some thing out of the extraordinary. Thus if the art market was not so old fashioned and snobbish it would se the potential in this. Welcome photography and photographers and stand to gain from the market just like photographers them self.  
The thing is there is a myth about the art world and art that not every body can understand it and have knowledge about the works where as on the other hand when it comes to photography it is so common any one can understand it. This is of course a mith in both ways and far from the truth. Yes you can become specialist in both fields but no it does not take any thing else than a simple study. This is not some degree you can get from school even though it is taught. This comes from experience and research. Experience that those who rule the market do not want you to gain.
Mr. Lik has shown that with the right kind of backer any thing is possible and he is not the only one even though his name is loudest spoken at the moment. 
Mr. Lik is the master of modern day business model and like some of the most successful photographers does not at all think in "artistic value". He is a businessman as much as a photographer and as such successful with out being caved in by outdated old gallery model with self aclaimed "Art police" in form of gallery owners and curators. The people love him and the artworld hates him because he rocks their boat and shows their cards.
You may have any opinion there is about the content of his work, and I preferably would rather own a piece by any other photographer than Lik (Visisted his gallery in Vegas 2007) But you have to admire his success and what he has achieved by simply atatching hardcore business model and marketing to photography with out adding snob to the equation. 
He basically sells photography as a stockbroker would sell stock. This is nothing new. The artworld has been shorting on artists for a long time. What is new, what is modern is that the artist is shorting on him self, leaving the middlemen out and this is why they hate him.
It is all about the money and they, because the gallery owners are to stuck in their own snobbish world to see and use the opportunity and take advantage of his success, they along with the auction market try to smear his sucess as anything worth less that the art they sell. There is no different to the image Mr. Lik sold  and the one that Mr Andreas Gursky made , they are both simple landscape photography, the only difference is the battery around the sales and profit. And it is this battery, aftermarket battery as well as current sales battery that is smearing Mr. Lik just because he is successful.
Some would call it envy but it is all about the money. It is always about the money
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Above the clouds at sunset in Cerro verde national park in El Salvador

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