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Hr Rokk  Átti þess kost hitta Hr. Rokk nokkrum sinnum á lífsleiðinni. Þau kynni voru ætíð hin mesta ánægja og ófáar gamansögurnar sem hann sagði veturinn sem Rokkhljómsveit Rúna Júl lék fyrir dansi í­ Hollywood. Hann var ekki erfiður að mynda ef bassinn var honum í hönd. þá var hann kominn í stellinguna um leið. Var eins og hálf nakinn án hans. Ég vil votta fjölskyldu hans samú mí­na

Blue sky and sea at evening at Fellsstrond in West Iceland

As I will be stationed back home in Iceland this winter I have been using the opportunity to refine my workflow basing it on fast turnaround and increased efficiency in my work.

As I can now, opposite from being on the road, make the most of technology, why not do it to the fullest.

That is the reason why I have now re organized my workflow so that I barely use any thing else... now this could be interesting ....

Peaceful protest in Reykjavik

protest in down town Reykjavík, iceland

To day Iceland celebrated its 90th Sovereignty Day in a big shadow from the financial crisis.

Protesters had a meeting in central Reykjavik and every thing went calmly until at the... now this could be interesting ....

Justice is here. Journalist and publication convicted for copyright infringement in Iceland.

Alti már Gylfason journalist for Séð og heyrt and Birtíngur publishing where to day convicted of copyright infringement against a woman "Ingu Birnu Dungal" Beside having to pay here 180.000 isk with interest they have to pay 160.000 fine and 600.000 all costs.

Inga Birna sued the... now this could be interesting ....

Red heart shaped pillow in sofa

There is no couch sleeping these days and no time for pillow talk.

Those photographers that where so unlucky to have images at Digital railroad site when it rolled over have had to find a new image host. I am one of them and have had to find time between jobs to learn how new sites work.
I had all ready been thinking about moving my images to... now this could be interesting ....

Once in a while I get charged with ideas for some digitaly enhanced photshop work. I never sit down and decide. Its more like the ideas are flying around out there and land on my head for me to grab and use.

This is one of them and there will be more in the... now this could be interesting ....

Burn the banks

Thank god that the only bank I do own any shares in is my image bank.

Today the otherwise peaceful protests in Iceland ended with some anarchists burning the flags of the banks while shouting burn the banks. In this picture they are burning the flag of Landsbankinn whos to blame for UK''s Prime minister Mr. Browns ridiculous use of the terrorist act against Iceland.

The group Dr Spock in concert in Reykjavik Art Museum

Since the start of it in 1999 I have attended and shot some images.
That is beside last two years when traveling.
I will be here and there during this years events and probably have a lot of fun like always.

I found some images from 2005 on a hard drive. Other images are still locked away with my films and files in the safety vault as I am in the midst of moving. Maybe I... now this could be interesting ....

Once in a while you find a nifty little gadget that can make your life easy.

now this could be interesting ....
Woman walking on a beach in Costa Rica with here surfboard

I have now added a new stock image gallery to my site.
Hope you enjoy.

Cock fight at evening on Isla Bastimento in Panama

Some would say it is near impossible to play it safe on a stock market. At least the image stock market. The most unlikely image you have may sell and those glamorous images you might think where bullet proof, might not. Maybe if you do shoot product on white background you can go the safe road, but the likely hood of that... now this could be interesting ....

Beautiful Heliconius charitonia butterfly in a butterfly garden in Monte Verda, Costa Rica

I am like many others that have followed the world news getting the feeling from time to time that I have butterfly moving around in my stomach.
Because of that thought, I found Images to work on, that I shot in a butterfly garden in Costa Rica.

It calmed me... now this could be interesting ....

How we worship things with our head in the sand time has shown.

image of figures with head in the sand worshiping the dollar